Birthday Celebration of Dr.Daisaku Ikeda

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The Ikeda Centre for Value Creation is an initiative launched by Gandhian scholar and peace activist Prof. Neelakanta Radhakrishnan and a few others who have been inspired by the work and teachings of Gandhi-King-Daisaku Ikeda to promote and foster nonviolent outlook in various segments of people in different parts of the world.

The principal aims of the Ikeda Centre for Value Creation (ICVC) will be  (1)  to promote inter-cultural dialogues, (2)  arranging regular training for value creators, (3)  propagating the complementarily in the teachings of Gandhi, King and Ikeda by encouraging students, teachers, researchers, scholars, and peace activists and socially committed individuals to undertake extensive research and study issues connected with the focus of the Centre and (4)  strive to form a consortium or networking of institutions and centers which are in the field particularly such as Soka University, Institute of Oriental Philosophy, Boston Research Centre for the 21st Century, Toda Institute, Pacific Basin Research Centre, King’s Associates and Gandhian Institutions, etc.

The Ikeda Centre will foster values both at the individual, collective and global scale by arranging interactive conferences (both micro and macro level), dialogues of various types, training programmes in nonviolence, continuing education programmes, carnivals for children, teachers and community to evolve a new outlook and approach both in individual and community life.

The ICVC is an independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit institution` committed to the pursuit of values and nonviolent leadership with children, youth, and women as principal foci of a new endeavor towards nonviolent value creation.

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Peace Proposal

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75 th Book Releasing

Tagore, Gandhi, Makiguchi & Ikeda Pioneer of Education for peace, the 75th book by Dr.N Radhakrishnan was released at Kolkata on 1 February 2015


80th birthday of Dr. Daisaku Ikeda

January 2, 2008, marks the 80th birthday of Dr. Daisaku Ikeda, a staunch believer in nonviolence and admirer and supporter of Gandhi and his philosophy of action.