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Ikeda Auditorium

The  Gandhigriham complex of institutions at Plavode, Thiruvananthapuram city, established by Dr.N.Radhakrishnan for the propagation of Gandhian ideals and offer training facilities to youth and others in nonviolence as part of its extension, witnessed on 22 May 2010 the addition of  two major wings, namely (i)  the Ikeda Auditorium and (ii) Gandhi-Ramachandran-Ikeda Library and Cultural Centre.

The auditorium has been named after SGI President Ikeda and the library after President Ikeda, Mahatma Gandhi and his disciple G. R. Ramachandran by Dr. Radhakrishnan as an expression of his deep appreciation and respect towards President Ikeda.

Since their first meeting (in 1986), Dr. Radhakrishnan and President Ikeda have held many discussions during their meetings in Japan and India, and finally their dialogue was published (in Japanese) by the title “Towards a Century for Humanity: Discussion on the philosophy of Gandhi and India”.

On the occasion of the inaugural ceremony of the Ikeda Auditorium and the Gandhi- Ikeda-G.R. Library, many researchers of Gandhian studies including Sri. M. M. Jacob, Former Governor of Meghalaya, Prof. M. Salihu, former Vice Chancellor of Madurai Kamaraj University were present among the esteemed gathering. Giving  the details about the development of “Gandhigrih”, Dr. Radhakrishnan said with great joy that deepening our study on the spirit and action taken by President Ikeda  will be the driving force for unlimited courage and inspiration.