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Message from founder Dr.N.Radhakrishnan



The year 2002 marked the completion of two decades of service by the Mahatma Gandhi Centre for Nonviolence and Development (MGCND) since its founding. Our experience during the last twenty years has convinced us that training in nonviolence on a regular basis and networking with institutions and centres which promote value creation should become the focus of the activities of MGCND.  The two wings of the Centre (i) G. Ramachandran Institute of Nonviolence and Shanti Sena Training and (ii) The Gandhi Media Centre, for Propagation of Gandhian Literature have undertaken a variety of activities since their inception.

We commemorated the occasion of the 20th anniversary of our founding by adding a third wing  namely The Ikeda Centre for Value Creation (ICVC) , recognizing the importance of Value Creation in the emerging scenario and in honour of Dr. Daisaku Ikeda , the great value creator, philosopher, founder of several educational institutions including two Universities and one of the most outstanding peace promoters of our times , on his 74th birthday,  2nd January, 2002.

The Ikeda Centre will foster values both at the individual, collective and global scale by arranging interactive conferences (both micro and macro level), dialogues of various types, training programmes in nonviolence, continuing education programmes, carnivals for children, teachers and community to evolve a new outlook and approach, both in individual and community life. The Ikeda Centre will also strive to enrich and explore the Gandhi-King-Ikeda link in societal transformation and  individual advancement along nonviolent lines.  We are convinced that Ikedian studies need to be promoted in the cultural context of the lagacy of Shakyamuni Budhha and Mahatma Gandhi. As a great admirer of Dr.Daisaku Ikeda, I do belive that Ikedian studies should be promoted and the ICVC is a humble begining and I am  confident  that the it will  gradually grow into a community centre of value creation for all categories of people, both in India and abroad and will flower into a centre of worldwide kosenrufu (World Peace) inspired by Dr.Daisaku Ikeda.

2, February, 2002 Dr. N. Radhakrishnan