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  • Yearlong  80 special programs  in connection with  Ikeda’s  80th birthday .
  • Discussions, symposiums, seminars on Ikeda’s  Annual Peace Proposals.
  • Value  Creation  Summer programs for children and youth.
  • Workshops/Lectures/Exhibitions in educational institutions.
  • Training programs for teachers in value creation.
  • GKI exhibitions both in ICVC campus and in neighboring educational institutions.
  • Creative talent s workshops.
  • Discussion/Screening of  films/videos.
  • Open interactive sessions on poems/essays/literature by Dr.Ikeda.
  • Establishment of  Gandhi-Ramachandran-Ikeda Library and Reading  facility
  • Construction and opening of Ikeda Auditorium.
  • Publication of the 10 Volume Ikeda Study Series by Dr.N.Radhakrishnan in association with Gandhi Media Centre.
  • Publication of six books on the personality and contribution of Dr.Ikeda by Dr.N.Radhakrishnan in association with Gandhi Media Foundation.
  • Successful completion of the Ikeda-Radhakrishnan Dialogue which was published in in Japanese and later translated into Chinese and Taiwan.
  • The printing part of Ikeda-Radhakrishnan Dialogue in English is nearing completion and is due for launch by Eternal Ganges Press in June 2015.
  • Associates with the Ramachandran- Ikeda Annual Award Committee (being given to promote youth excellence).