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Peace Proposal

Ikeda Center in Trivandrum hosted the seminar on “Dr.Daisaku Ikeda’s Peace Proposal 2014 “. Set in the picturesque settings of the city suburbs, the seminar got underway to the drum beats of a monsoon rain that clattered  on the roof of the auditorium. The participants streamed into the auditorium undeterred by the incessant rains.

The seminar got to a musical start with an invocation to kindle the mood of the participants. The devotional songs were presented  by the members of the Rangaprabhath Children’s Theatre  Movement. Dr. N.Radhakrishnan, Chairman , Indian Council for Gandhian Studies, under whose patronage the Ikeda Center was set up, welcomed the participants and the audience  to the seminar. He  stressed the importance of the seminar on Dr. Ikeda’s Peace Proposal in the light of  the ongoing global conflicts. Stressing the importance of a a peace process starting from households, he shared the news of a Prohibition Policy of the Kerala  Government  being announced  on the same day as the seminar. He recalled the dialogue he had with Dr. Ikeda on the same subject.

Advocate Hareendranath, member of the Kerala Public Service Commision, who was the Chief Guest of the programme initiated the proceedings of the seminar by explaining the finer points of the “Dr. Ikeda’s Peace Proposal 2014” He stressed the presence of a synergy of thoughts of Gandhi in the peace proposal.

Moving onto the presentations of the day by the Youth Division  members of the Bharat Soka Gakai , Syama Sunil (YWD) started off  with her presentation on the “Role of education for global citizenship in growth , development and peace.” She assailed the wrong notion of education in the present day world, quoting Dr.Ikeda  who  stressed ““The world today needs the kind of education that can develop the capacity to create value, underpinned by indomitable hope and spirit of learning from the collective wisdom of humankind”. She reminded the inclusion of education in the Peace Proposal of 1987.

“Resilience is the key factor in ushering in peace across  the world.” This fact was dwelled upon by Vivek Mishra a YMD who lamented that resilience is something that nobody talks about these days  and other methods including military means were being adopted for resolving conflicts often ending  in a deadlock and destruction.

Mala Natarajan’s speech pressed home the need for  “eliminating nuclear weapons.” Since the world is facing conflicts in many parts including nuclear weapon states, the threat of a nuclear war  is hanging as a Damocle’s sword over us. Though the presence of nuclear weapons cannot be eliminated overnight, a strong movement has to be adopted for achieving a non use pact among nuclear weapon states. This can be progressively taken forward towards a nuclear weapon free world thus achieving the goal of   global peace .

A world without Hope signals a dark future for humanity. Hope always drives efforts in resolving conflicts. Across the world we see people making  strong efforts to secure peace in conflict zones in the hope that their  efforts will usher in peace and  stability and development . This was clearly stated in the presentation by Adithi Dey Sarkar.

Mens division leader Mr.Vinod Nair stressed  the importance of “Value Creation in achieving World Peace .” The world is undergoing a massive churning process that throws up challenges to humanity and dragging the common man into a vicious spiral of hopelessness and despair. The primary reason for this state of affairs is the massive erosion of values. The way out of this cesspool is to increase the bringing together communities to impart the values required for lifting the power of value creation. Since the world has always battled the forces of evil from time immemorial it has relied on the fundamentals of good value to achieve peace. Citing the story of Shariputhra, Vinod Nair concluded that due importance should be given to education for fostering values.

Dr.Akash Ouchi  reposed his faith in the youth of the world who are the banner bearers of the peace process across the world. Citing the instance when noted journalist Vinod Mehta attended the Peace proposal seminar in Delhi, Mr. Mehta observed that among the scores of proposals floated across the world, the Dr.Ikeda Peace proposal  was the only one having a universal ramification without any political or religious objectives. The  continuous efforts focused solely on a single objective of achieving world peace for sustained development  of humanity is unparalleled and a big question for all observers.

The incident during a Russo German war  when a Russian soldier who grew home sick and tired of the war deciding to desert the warfield and run away to meet his mother, came up when Prof.M.K Gangadharan took  to the lectern . This soldier took refuge in a house  midway only to find a  German soldier  who too was running away from the battlefield for the sole reason of meeting his own mother. This incident highlights the common man’s desire for a peaceful  world  and the folly of war that ravishes the desire for peace.

Mr.Gopalakrishnan Nair spoke about the need for a continuous dialogue  for resolving conflicts. Dialogue is the cornerstone of the peace process and the world has to take it up with all earnestness since survivability of the humankind is at stake. Mr.Bhaskaran Nair, writer and secretary of the Trivandrum Writers Forum, the co-sponsor of the seminar  struck a cautionary note when he spoke of  man being the only living being on earth that causes disharmony to itself by disturbing the natural rhythm of life. He indicated that a passive resistance movement professed by Jesus Christ had its profound effect on Gandhiji who used it to its maximum to achieve his goals of freedom  , development and sustainability. Mr.Kumaraprasad focused upon the convergence of  ideologies of Gandhiji, Dr.Ikeda, Dr.G.Ramachandran  and others  in instilling values for upliftment of humanity.

Senior leader of BSG from Chennai Mr.Velayudhan Nair came up with a poetry on the crux of the peace proposal that he had penned on the spot, bringing  the seminar to a victorious close.